North Lincoln Sanitary makes every effort to provide a large variety of services to best fit your solid waste needs. For residential homes, vacation rentals, multi-family apartments, or businesses, we offer a variety of vessels sizes, from small roll carts to large drop boxes. Click here or call (541) 994-5555 to start service or make changes to your existing service.


Call 541-994-5555 for current rates

RECEIVING CREDIT: We are happy to give you credit for most temporary stops or skipped pickups

SECURITY DEPOSIT: We require a three month security deposit to start service. This deposit is held for one year and is credited back to your account as long as your account has not been discontinued for non payment. No deposit is required if you sign up for NLSS EasyPay.

BILLING: Residential customers are billed every other month based on last name. We bill one month in arrears and one month in advance. For example, a bill that goes out on July 1st will cover service from June 1st to July 31st.

NON PAYMENT: Non-payment of service will result in your garbage and recycling roll carts being brought in after the third week from the stop date. If your roll cart is brought in, there is a $25.00 resume fee added to your bill.

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